During delayed allocation amount and price hike for Kamal Amira America

During delayed allocation amount and price hike for Kamal Amira America

It is Lotus’ turn to catch the production and pricing virus, a disease that causes nearly every automaker to fall behind on delivery timetables while raising prices for reservation holders. Last October, the Lotus Amyras ready for the UK home market was already running six months behind delivery estimates. Early last year, Lotus expected the Amirus to be tagged with American plates as early as fall 2022. Now, carbs reports that Emira V6 First Edition units destined for the US will hit our soil this summer but won’t be released to customers until mid-October and mid-December. According to a letter sent by Lotus of Orlando to reservation holders, the holdup is US certification.

On top of the delay, prices are going up for all US and Canadian reservation holders except those who completed the paperwork for early North American V6 First Edition allocations. Lotus said that various troubles and bogeys around the world have increased the unit cost of the Emira by about $14,400. Folding that into MSRP brings the price to $108,300 before destination. We say “preliminary” about that allocation because Lotus has bumped up the North American allocation to 600 units, bringing the total to 1,300 to come to NA, with the US-specific number being slightly smaller. When the second tranche opens for reservations, they will cost $105,400 in the US, which is already the price on the US retail site configurator.

Anyone who reserves the AMG-powered four-cylinder Emira I4 First Edition will see its cost increase from the previously announced $85,900. The new price (MSRP) will be revealed by the end of this year, with deliveries not scheduled to begin until the second quarter of 2024. Of course, we should expect the cost of regular series production cars to rise as well.

Conditions vary by market, so anyone interested in a Lotus listing should check with their Lotus dealer. a live thread is on Amira Forum It follows 26 pages that debuted in February as global Amirah buyers try to figure out who has to face how much hike. Part of the fury comes from Lotus who promised that any pricing challenges would not be passed on to reservation holders, saying, “The price you are being quoted is the price you will pay for your Amira. ”

Ready for the good news? There will be more options to spend your money. We’re told that the color palette for the second series of V6 First Edition cars is going to expand to seven colors, and that Lotus Advanced Performance is creating “around 30 different vehicle accessories” as well as a menu of custom options .

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