Audi Q4 unplugs e-tron software update and adds a bunch of features

Audi Q4 unplugs e-tron software update and adds a bunch of features

Audi is preparing to release updated vehicle software for the Q4 e-tron and Q4 Sportback e-tron that will add convenience and efficiency to the ownership experience. The most important feature of what is to come could be the OTA capability for future updates. Moving from the current v2.3 software to v3.2 will require a dealer visit, but Audi says an over-the-air correction would be ideal later. The next most convenient feature would be Plug & Charge. After owners set up a payment account with Audi, all they need to do is plug the vehicle in at a compatible charging station, with charging and billing handled automatically.

Improvements to charging methods include a preferred charge time setting. Owners can use the app to create charging windows to take advantage of lower energy rates – something EV owners have been making a hue and cry about lately. Maximum charging capacity rises to 135 kW for all after Audi enabled the higher cap for European owners last March. There will also be an option to charge the battery up to 80% for those looking to increase the battery capacity. To make the best use of the external power source, the new software accounts for more factors such as ambient temperature and state-of-charge when dialing in the battery’s thermal management system. It also uses plug-in power to heat the interior if the owner sets a departure timer during preconditioning.

Driving enhancements are clustered around the infotainment system, which has the ability to save navigation data, such as recent destinations, send routes created in the MyAudi app to the vehicle, create personal profiles, find parked vehicles and vehicle key information. Remotely checking the status. Finally, with the ability to create multiple user profiles, the MyAudi app will offer more internal customization options for details such as ambient lighting and background images displayed on the MMI screen.

The 2023 Q4 E-Tron is installed with v3.2 from the factory. Every e-tron built before the 2023 model year will be capable of the upgrade. To prevent undue wait times at storefronts, Audi says it will notify owners in waves when to schedule an appointment.

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