Rivian R1s recalled for side curtain airbags

Rivian R1s recalled for side curtain airbags

Rivian has issued a recall for the R1S electric SUV manufactured between late last October and mid-January. The case is of the side curtain airbags. Apparently they can’t be strapped on properly, which means they can’t provide enough protection in an impact.

According to NHTSA documentation, the issue was discovered by Rivian in an R1S still at its factory. Employees noticed a fastener problem and the company looked through records to determine which models were using the problem parts. So far, no injuries or deaths have been reported in connection with the airbags, and only about 30 SUVs are expected to be affected.

Rivian has begun notifying owners by phone about the issue. Owners with affected R1S SUVs can take their vehicle to a dealer, where the airbags will be inspected and properly fitted if they are not already in place. Owners can also reach Rivian at 1-888-748-4261 with questions and concerns.

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