The Mercedes-Benz EQG maintains the concept’s look in the spy photos

The Mercedes-Benz EQG maintains the concept’s look in the spy photos

Mercedes-Benz gave us the first glimpse of the electric G-Class in 2021 with a 2024 launch target. And today we take a look at how things are going with some prototype versions that were captured by a spy photographer. The pictures show that little has changed from the concept (which itself has hardly changed from the gas version) – but a few shots of the rear suspension raise some questions.

Much of the EQG’s exterior remains unchanged from the original G, but the front end features several styling changes that are unique to the electric model. The air intakes of the front bumper have been revised and there are lots of small rounded sections to create a concept-like mesh. The main grille is also blocked, at least mostly. Unlike the concept, this prototype has some slits for some airflow. Around back, the prototype ditches the slightly awkward square Charger carrier in favor of a conventional full-sized spare tyre. And on the subject of wheels and tyres, the Electric-themed camouflaged example gets a set of wheels that is not shared with the other G-Class models.

Things start to get more interesting down below. The photos reveal that one of the prototypes sports some sort of skid-plate-like panel under the rear bumper, possibly an aerodynamic aid to squeeze out a few more miles of range. Even stranger is that the two prototypes have different rear axle configurations. They both obviously have solid axles like the gas models, but they are slightly different.

Mercedes-Benz EQG PrototypeMercedes-Benz EQG Prototype

One looks a lot like what you’d see under the standard G-Class, but there isn’t a particularly obvious difference housing the other. In fact, where the difference usually occurs is where the significantly shortened track rod is bolted to the axle. We think there could be two different powertrain options here. The more conventional could be a simplified single or dual-motor powertrain, while the odd one could accommodate the planned four-motor powertrain announced with the concept, possibly with AMG badging.

As previously announced, EQG will launch in mid to late 2024. That is, it will probably be a 2025 model. Reports have suggested a battery capacity of around 100 kWh, which is roughly half that of the GMC Hummer EV. The power should be immense for the four motors.

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