Alpine A110 San Remo limited edition channels its rally heritage

Alpine A110 San Remo limited edition channels its rally heritage

Renault-owned Alpine turned to heritage travel before designing the latest limited-edition version of the A110. Called the San Remo 73, the coupe celebrates 50 years since the original A110 won first place in the San Remo Rally and earned the brand its first manufacturer’s title.

It’s almost impossible to mistake the San Remo 73 for a regular-production A110. Alpine gave it the original Caddy Blue paint, contrasting black finish on the roof arches, red roof panels, white and black accents on the hood, doors and rear bumper to create a link between the modern day A110 and its rally-winning predecessor. Grand Prix Brilliant blank-painted 18-inch wheels complete the design. Like the A110 Tour de Corse shown in 2022, the San Remo 73 pays homage to the past without copying it.

The interior features microfiber upholstery with gray stitching, one-piece Sebelt bucket seats, and an aluminum footrest for the passenger. The San Remo 73 comes equipped with standard seatbelts, but it’s outfitted with a six-point harness, so enthusiasts will be able to take it racing. Finally, a metal plaque engraved with the car’s serial number reminds occupants that they’re not sitting in a run-of-the-mill A110.

Power for the San Remo 73 comes from a stock, A110-sourced 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine. It is turbocharged to develop 300 horsepower at 6,300 rpm and 251 pound-feet of torque from 2,400 to 6,000 rpm. The mid-mounted engine exhales through a sport exhaust system, and it spins the rear wheels through a seven-speed automatic transmission. Brembo brakes are included in the list of standard equipment.

Alpine will build 200 units of the A110 San Remo 73, and prices in France start at €89,000, which represents around $94,400 at the current conversion rate. Nothing suggests the coupe will be sold in the United States, but one rumor claims the brand has its sights set on our market. It’s too early to tell if we’ll see the A110 here or if Alpine will bring the more mainstream model it’s currently developing.

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