Porsche confirms hybrid 911, electric Cayenne and range-topping SUV

Porsche confirms hybrid 911, electric Cayenne and range-topping SUV

After years of rumors and speculation, Porsche has confirmed that a plug-in hybrid 911 is in the pipeline. The gasoline-electric sports car is one of several new models, including an electric SUV positioned above the Cayenne in terms of size and price.

“We decided that there would be some hybrid versions for the 911 as well. We were able to test this in detail last year, and we are quite thrilled with the driveability and handling of the car. We believe there is a big future in store For it,” revealed Porsche boss Oliver Blume.

No word yet on when we’ll see the first series-produced hybrid 911 or where it will be placed in the lineup, though an unverified rumor claims the next GT2 RS is one of the hybrids in store. The flat-six engine is safe – for now – as there are currently no plans for an electric 911. “The 911 will be presented as a car [internal-combustion engine] As long as possible,” Blume insisted. Put another way, if the flat-six dies and the 911 goes fully electric, the blame will fall on regulators around the world rather than on Porsche’s executive team.

Meanwhile, the German company remains on track to deliver the first examples of the electric, second-generation Macan in 2024. Its development continues, we have seen pseudo-prototypes being tested around the world, but the launch has been delayed due to software issues.

Looking further ahead, Porsche has also confirmed that the successor to the Cayenne will run on batteries. Specific details about this model have not been released yet, but the firm made it clear that it will not let the current generation Cayenne wither on the vine. The large SUV – which emerges as the best-selling Porsche globally – will receive “one of the most comprehensive upgrades in our history” in 2023, officials confirmed. The list of changes will include a new chassis and three plug-in hybrid powertrains engineered for greater electric-only range.

The Cayenne’s days as Porsche’s range-topping model are numbered. Called the K1 internally, one of the new models the company is working on will be positioned above the Cayenne and will be referred to as a “new vehicle concept”. It will be built on a platform called SSP Sport, and will offer “strong performance, automatic driving functions and an all-new experience inside.”

Unsurprisingly, the as-yet-unnamed K1 is being developed primarily for the US and Chinese markets.

“We are seeing a growing profit pool in this segment, particularly in China and the United States,” Bloom said.

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