Airstream and Porsche show electric camper combo at SXSW

Airstream and Porsche show electric camper combo at SXSW

Airstream is back with another iteration of the conceptual electric travel-trailer tech teased in 2022, this time with a slightly more practical twist. While this “what if?” Stages (Airstream’s own words), it’s a pretty cool preview of what recreational trailering might look like in the future if two of the world’s best brands on wheels have anything to say about it. This new collab picks up where the eStream Tech Airstream left us off about a year ago. This time around, it’s smaller (somewhere between the Airstream’s existing Basecamp and Bambi models, just eyeballing it), simpler and stripping some of the more ambitious features in favor of a slick, production-friendly design.

Officially dubbed the Airstream Studio FA Porsche Concept Travel Trailer, the concept is underpinned by a 10-inch-deep skateboard-style chassis that houses the camper’s holding tank, battery and associated electronics. The Airstream and Porsche wanted to make it more accessible to those who don’t have a lot of space for storage, so its already compact size was further enhanced with an adjustable-height suspension that allows it to fit into some residential garages. For can reduce it significantly. (or to improve aerodynamics on the road). A pop-up roof and detachable exterior awning help expand the concept’s livable space once you reach your destination.

We mentioned that Airstream has ambitions to further streamline its already attractive trailers. Anyone having a barstool chat about improving electric vehicle range has probably tossed up the idea of ​​towing a battery to the back of a truck to provide extra range. A camper provides the perfect vessel for this type of setup, plus you get the benefit of sleeping quarters on top of it—literally. And that’s a good thing, because a drawn battery alone would be both impractical and inefficient. The living space is what ultimately makes it worthwhile.

And if Airstream gets its way, future production campers will benefit from even more EV and driver assist tech. The Estream concept above incorporates electric motors into its axles, which enable advanced braking, sway control and steering features. The concept can also maneuver and park itself at your campsite, meaning you can unbuckle and park your tow vehicle immediately upon arrival and maneuver from a distance.

If You Want to See It in Person, Airstream and Porsche Will Have a Scale Model at SXSW

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