Volkswagen ID.3 refresh begins plugging flaws in brand’s EV pioneer

Volkswagen ID.3 refresh begins plugging flaws in brand’s EV pioneer

Such a small car has created quite a stir at Volkswagen. After only 2.5 years and a few CEO swaps at VW, the automaker has introduced the ID.3 with “comprehensive upgrades” to address owner feedback. The hatchback’s looks have been changed only marginally. The front bumper ditches its dimples for a reshaped lower intake and air curtains. On top of that, the black trim piece running halfway down the cowl to the hood is gone. At the back, the tweaked taillights move their light to the hatch and feature X-shaped DRLs.

“The previous owners suffered so that the new owners could flourish, we have systematically accepted the wishes of our customers,” said Imelda Labbe, VW’s head of sales and marketing. The finer touches in the cabin start with the 12-inch infotainment touchscreen. automotive news Says the big screen is only for left-hand drive markets; Right-hand drivers will stick with the pre-refresh 10-inch screen. All markets benefit from a reworked interface targeting more efficient operation. For example, the charging options have been beefed up to the top tier, with an enhanced DC fast charging capability of 170kW and the better to take advantage of the standard Plug & Charge.

Material quality has improved due to upgraded plastics and more foam backing for all trims. The reshaped door cars should make the cases for the arms more comfortable, and the upper trims will have a new treatment for the upper part of the instrument panel as well.

The ID.3 runs on the brand’s latest ID 3.0 software with added capability for over-the-air upgrades. With the next-gen ID.4.0 coming later this year, we’ll find out if this ID.3 can be upgraded without going to the dealer. It wouldn’t be a software-defined car if there weren’t more options available for purchase, so VW did its job there too. Buyers will be able to download assistance features such as adaptive cruise control and travel assist.

Expected changes like illuminated HVAC controls didn’t make this edit, but VW has been vocal about addressing the omission.

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