These are the new cars with the biggest markups

These are the new cars with the biggest markups

Looking for a new car? ok as long as you need One, now is probably not a good time to make such a big purchase. according to the research team

According to, the average price of a new car in February 2023 was 8.8 percent above the manufacturer’s suggested retail price, or MSRP. Yes.

Still, this figure is a far cry from the 10.2 percent average price premium dealers are seeking for new cars in July 2022.

“The continued trend by dealers to bring prices closer to MSRP is slowly closing the gap between them,” said Carl Brauer, executive analyst at

While narrowing the gap seems to be cooling the market for new cars, it will still be several months before reports that the average selling price of a new car equals, or even There is also an undercut, its MSRP is . That said, if you can’t wait to buy a new car, the data indicates you’re better off avoiding these 10 vehicles that have the largest gap between their average asking price and their MSRP in February 2023. Delta was

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