Fun with data visualization: Automotive recalls the past 40 years

Fun with data visualization: Automotive recalls the past 40 years

There have actually been some mass recalls in recent years. The Takata airbag recall began years ago and continues today, while Chevrolet recalled nearly every Bolt EV and Bolt EUV it produced through late 2020. They’re definitely on the bulk of the recall list, but visual capitalist Put together the data on recalls for the past 40 years, and some of the trends are quite interesting.

The publication found 22,651 recalls over the past 40, including 2,303 equipment related recalls, 442 tire recalls and 220 child seat recalls. Vehicles with 19,686 accounted for the highest share of recalls. visual capitalist Note that the number of vehicles recalled has increased exponentially over the years, and their graphic shows the trend with a heavy concentration of recalls starting in 2014. The heaviest year was 2021, when 1,093 vehicles were recalled.

Although Ford was the most recalled company in 2022, General Motors was the most recalled manufacturer in the last 40 years and was involved in one of the most significant recalls in the last decade. It’s recalling millions of vehicles for faulty ignition switches that could cause them to shut off while driving. At the same time, some manufacturers are recalling small numbers of vehicles, such as Lordstown Motors, which recalled 19 trucks earlier this year due to power outages. In addition to recognizable names on the list, some lesser-known companies also appeared. Forest River, Inc. is a Berkshire Hathaway company that sells RVs and campers, while Blue Bird manufactures school buses.

Interestingly, recall numbers for most vehicle components have remained stable over the years, but have increased in the equipment and electrical systems categories in recent times. Equipment returns have been increasing rapidly since 2007, possibly in line with more advanced technology features and vehicle systems. Both areas are significant points of contention in new vehicle opinion polls.

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