what do we know so far

what do we know so far


The new Ram ProMaster EV lacks two things that a conventional delivery van does: the thrust of an internal combustion engine and the tailpipe emissions that go with it. The Promaster EV is a fully electric version of the hulking, gas-powered Ram Promaster van, and is expected to be almost identical to the Fiat e-Ducato that’s already on sale in Europe. (Parent company Stellantis owns both the Ram and Fiat brands.) E-Ducatos are powered by either a standard 47.0-kWh battery or an optional 79.0 kWh pack, and we expect a range of about 125 miles from the smaller battery – roughly the same Ford’s E-Transit, The ProMaster EV’s payload should also be similar to Fiat’s claimed 4189-pound capacity, but so far Ram hasn’t released any official specs. The ProMaster EV is still several months away from its on-sale date, so our speculations may change as we learn more about what it will offer. When it eventually goes on sale it will join a growing number of electric commercial vans, including the Ford as well as the Mercedes-Benz eSprinter.

What’s new for 2024?

The Ram ProMaster EV electric cargo van is expected to be officially unveiled in the first half of 2023; Childbirth may begin anytime during the second half of the year.

Pricing and Which One to Buy

Chassis Cab Standard Range

$50,000 (estimated)

Cargo Van Standard Range

$52,000 (estimated)

Chassis Cab Extended Range

$54,000 (estimated)

Cargo Van Extended Range

$56,000 (estimated)

We expect pricing to start around $50,000, with the larger battery offered as an extra-cost option. We also don’t know which body configurations will be available, although the Fiat e-Ducato is available in cargo van and chassis cab form. Given our limited knowledge of the Ram ProMaster EV model line, we can’t make any recommendations right now.

EV Motor, Power and Performance

The ProMaster EV’s European cousin, the Fiat E-Ducato, uses an electric motor capable of generating 121 horsepower and 207 pound-feet of torque. The US spec Promaster EV could come with a different electric powertrain, but we expect it to be offered with front-wheel drive only. We’ll update this story when more information becomes available.

towing and payload capacity

Given that the Promaster EV is expected to be almost identical to the Fiat E-Ducato, we estimate that it will have a similar payload capacity of around 4189 pounds. That’s about 500 pounds less than the gas-fed ProMaster and about 300 pounds more than the Ford E-Transit’s payload rating. Towing capacity figures have not yet been released.

Range, Charging and Battery Life

The Promaster EV’s standard battery pack comprises three parallel modules while the extended pack is made up of five. No word yet on charge time. Translating the current European WLTP range estimate for the smaller battery pack into the more stringent EPA testing procedures, we’d expect a range of around 125. According to the EPA, the Ford e-Transit can go on a single charge. ,

As more information becomes available, we’ll update this story with more details:

  • Fuel Economy and Real-World MPGe
  • Interior, Comfort & Cargo
  • Infotainment & Connectivity
  • Safety and Driver-Assistance Features
  • Warranty and Maintenance Coverage

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