Edmunds Top Rated Electric Car 2023

Edmunds Top Rated Electric Car 2023

Why did the Chevy Bolt EV win?

Value for money the Bolt EV can’t be beat. It’s probably the best pricing proposition on the market, EV or not. The Bolt EV is fun to drive too, thanks to its tight handling and zippy acceleration. Its small footprint is convenient and maneuverable, yet it’s much more roomy than it looks. Plus, the Bolt EV offers a solid amount of range on a full charge — 278 miles in the Edmunds EV Range Test.

“The Bolt EV isn’t the prettiest or flashiest EV on sale, but it’s the perfect entry point for anyone looking to find out what life is like without gas. It’s priced right and offers a laundry list of must-have features.” Is.” – Reese Counts, Vehicle Testing Editor

What was special?

worth. The Chevrolet Bolt EV has a very competitive starting price, and on top of that it’s still eligible for a full federal tax credit under the new guidelines.

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