The best car, truck and SUV lease deals under $299 for February

The best car, truck and SUV lease deals under 9 for February

Be sure to read the fine print

Not all leases have the same structure. Some ask for more money than before but a lower monthly payment, and some the other way around. There are times when the advertised special may be applicable only on a certain model. Remember that the quoted monthly payments do not include sales tax and other fees.

Be on the lookout for additional fees, such as acquisition and lease-end disposition fees, that may not be advertised or appear only in the fine print. Those are legitimate charges and will affect your bottom-line costs.

Note that many of these deals may only be available to customers with top-tier credit scores or customers with existing leases.

When you’re shopping, try to find a lease that strikes a balance between the miles you drive and your desire for low monthly payments and low upfront fees. Note that advertised deals rarely include tax. When you’re talking to the dealer, make sure you ask about the total “out-the-door price,” which includes things like taxes, documentation fees, and acquisition fees. This will give you a better view of all costs. Compare those figures to other dealer quotes before making a decision.

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