Volkswagen ID.3 Headlight Step In To Teaser Limelight

Volkswagen ID.3 Headlight Step In To Teaser Limelight

Volkswagen is running a quizzical teaser campaign for the refreshed ID.3 which will debut tomorrow. It started with a sketch of the upcoming subcompact hatchback. As such drawings usually do, he exaggerated the proportions and wheel sizes, revealing small changes to the front fascia and internal architecture. Then VW teased the new taillights, which feature two-part reversing segments—a change you’ll need to be deep in car lore to register. Now it’s done the same with the headlights, posting a short, fast-paced clip of the optional matrix units. Again, looks like we’ll need to run the “enhance” routine to find out what happened. And the fact that VW engineers are already testing uncamouflaged prototypes in the Arctic means VW is showing us items we already know about.

The “extensive upgrades” juices are in, and we haven’t got anything beyond early sketches of the interior. New software with improved performance in Refresh and over-the-air updates, plug-and-play EV charging, and travel assist with swarm data, parking assist with memory and the latest of “fully integrated assist systems” with refinements generation” would be included. for adaptive lane guidance.

The good news for buyers is that the entry-level price of the refreshed car hasn’t changed, holding steady at €43,995 for the Life trim (which translates to $47,024 US, though we don’t get the ID.3 here ). Business, Style, Max and Tour will stay up, as they do now. If you read the Twitter comments on the latest teaser, it’s not great news, it’s the wrath of ID.3 owners who are dinging VW for software that hasn’t been debugged and reservation holders are reportedly still Also waiting on cars ordered 18 months or more in advance. We wouldn’t be surprised to see current owners to hear from VW Group CEO Oliver Blume and brand chief Thomas Schaefer to see if there will be satisfactory updates on the progress of the infotainment and software initiatives.

Debut is tomorrow. The automaker said that those who get their reservations in early will start getting their facelifted ID.3 in the fourth quarter of this year at the earliest.

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