Lucid offers a glimpse of the 2024 Gravity, its three-row EV SUV

Lucid offers a glimpse of the 2024 Gravity, its three-row EV SUV

Lucid made some big announcements today, including some major changes to its lineup of its first EV, the Air. The biggest announcement, however, was our first real look at 2024 Lucid Gravity. The follow-up to the Gravity Air and the SUV is what will likely bring the most new customers to the nascent brand.

Of course, the details of gravity are still few and far between. What we do know is that the Gravity will arrive in 2024, but pre-orders will start in 2023. Having an SUV in your portfolio is very important to every automaker these days, and it’s something that Lucid is clearly aware of. The Gravity will serve as the brand’s flagship, sitting alongside the Air in the brand’s small but respected portfolio of vehicles.

Lucid claims the Gravity will have the most range of any EV on sale with the exception of the brand’s other models. A quick look at some EPA-projected range figures shows that the Tesla Model X currently holds the top spot among large EV SUVs for range. Tesla’s website says the Model X (when equipped with its smallest wheel option) will have a range of 348 miles on a single charge. Lucid clearly has its mind on besting Tesla, and so we expect the Gravity to one-up the Model X. It could also be the first electric SUV with more than 400 miles of range on a single charge, when it’s finally put through the EPA. test cycle.

Other small details also emerged. We do know that it will feature an interior layout that is similar to the Air in its design. Expect the same three-screen information display that sits atop the dash and the same center screen that winds its way into the dashboard. The images also show a glass roof, a rear light bar that mimics the one found on the Air, and a front end that looks like the Air has been scaled up. Other neat touches include a second row that reclines for an added air of luxury and relaxation.

As an SUV, it will definitely feature all-wheel drive thanks to dual motors – one at the front and one at the rear axle. There is also likely to be a Sapphire performance variant that comes with three motors, torque vectoring and some serious performance for an SUV in the future. Will Lucid make a cute looking hardcore off-road model? We doubt it, but it would give the Rivian R1S a serious run for its money.

2024 Lucid Gravity Badge

Pricing is, of course, still a mystery, but we don’t expect the Gravity to be cheap. A starting price of over $100,000 wouldn’t surprise us. The model range will likely start with the Grand Touring trim with the Touring and Pure trim levels below it, as has been done with the Air. We expect to learn more about the Gravity in mid-2023, when we get our first look at Lucid’s first electric SUV.

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