Hyundai is looking to bring the N Executive N Vision 74 into production

Hyundai is looking to bring the N Executive N Vision 74 into production

According to an interview, a Hyundai executive tasked with running the company’s N division has expressed interest in putting its stunning N Vision 74 concept into production. the autopian,

Till Wartenberg, Hyundai’s vice president of N brand management and motorsport, was quick to express his passion for the hugely popular, wedge-shaped sports car concept.

“My personal wish is to produce this vehicle,” explained Wartenberg. the autopian, “It’s probably an investment at first, but if we can see this vehicle actually out there and people are buying it, I’ll be very happy.”

As a refresher, the N Vision 74 was, without a doubt, the most impressive concept car of 2022. Inspired by a vintage coupe concept designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro, it features a wedge shape that is reminiscent of the DeLorean DMC-12, though sportier and more modern. , It gets its energy from a dual hydrogen fuel cell and battery EV drivetrain, and it makes 670 horsepower.

It is important to note that Wartenberg used his words carefully. Nowhere did he actually confirm the En Vision 74 for production or give a timeline for when Hyundai might confirm its existence outside of a single example built. At this stage it is only a wish, not a real plan.

Still, we’re glad to see Hyundai executives in control of decision-making getting excited about cars like the N Vision 74. We’ll just have to wait and see.

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