You’ll Have To Spend $12K For The Ultimate Experience At Formula 1’s First Race In Vegas

You’ll Have To Spend K For The Ultimate Experience At Formula 1’s First Race In Vegas

If horse racing is the sport of kings, then perhaps Formula 1 is the sport of princes.

In a report released this week by a British organization called KingCasinoBonus, the most valuable F1 events to attend on the 2023 calendar are those set to be held in the United States: in Austin, Miami and – no surprise here – Las Vegas.

On its website, Survey Group calls itself “an independent online casino market analysis platform that publishes informative reviews for gambling products and services.” In other words, it promotes gambling. whatever. The results, it says, are based on data obtained from the websites of F1 Destinations and other ticker brokers.

The survey quoted spending in British pounds, which we converted to dollars, with the exchange rate of one pound equal to $1.20.

The most expensive race in the rankings is the Las Vegas Grand Prix on the weekend of November 16–18. The Ultra-Plus package, called the “F1 Experience Champions Club 3-Day” — meet the drivers, get better seats, walk the grid, walk the paddock — will set you back $11,964. If you’re feeling skimpy, there’s a three-day general admission ticket (which includes race practice, qualifying for post position, and the race itself) for around $500.

Unless you’re the nephew of a casino owner, Vegas accommodations range from $150 for a bed in a dorm to $1,495 for three nights in a four- or five-star hotel.

Second on the list is the upcoming May 5-7 Miami Grand Prix, with general-admission tickets for the event costing around $590 while Champions Club three-day packages cost $6,980. Accommodation-wise, a dorm bed in Miami is $150, while a four-star hotel in Miami Beach is around $1,490.

The United States Grand Prix in Austin, Texas, which will take place on October 20-22, is third on the high value list. Tickets range from $473 to $5,480, according to the survey, and lodging costs in the city range from $238 to $1,200 for the weekend.

Of the top 10 races, the survey ranked Canada as the least priced in mid-June. That’s in Montreal if you’re willing to drive or fly and save a few bucks.

Airfare across the board is extra.

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