The Nissan Z Nismo is reportedly coming with more power and chassis tweaks

The Nissan Z Nismo is reportedly coming with more power and chassis tweaks

According to a recent report, Nissan will tap into the new Z’s performance reserves by expanding the lineup with a range-topping, Nismo-branded model. The hot-rodded coupe will provide enthusiasts with more powerful engines and track-bred chassis updates.

Japanese magazine, without citing sources best car wrote that Nissan is funneling the lessons learned from decades of racing into the upcoming Z Nismo. Some of the changes that differentiate the Nismo from the standard Z will be hidden under the body: Engineers will make modifications to the suspension system, and they’ll redesign parts of the undercarriage to improve airflow. Some changes will be much more pronounced: The publication specifically highlights a deeper front bumper that will add about four inches to the Z’s overall length.

None of this is official, but the described exterior updates are in line with the images (pictured) that our spy photographers sent us in late 2022. Our spy pictures also suggest that the Nismo will get a ventilated hood, model-specific side skirts, and a redesigned rear bumper.

Power will continue to come from the twin-turbocharged, 3.0-litre V6 engine, but best car Claims software changes will bump its output up to about 420 horsepower (up from 400 in the regular-production model but down from the 500-horse output previously rumored) while allowing the driver to go further into the upper echelons of the rev range gives. , Rear-wheel drive and a six-speed manual transmission will come as standard, and a nine-speed automatic transmission will be offered at an additional cost. Beefier brakes will help keep the extra power under control.

Nissan has not commented on the report, and has not announced plans to launch the Nismo-developed Z. If the rumor is accurate, the range-topping Z will make its global debut in 2024 (about a year later than expected), and could be offered exclusively as a limited-edition model.

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