The Best Car I Drive in 2022: BMW M5 CS

The Best Car I Drive in 2022: BMW M5 CS

Cars like the BMW M5 CS don’t come along all that often, and when they do, you often think about them for days, weeks or even months. I found myself in exactly the same position in early April this year after spending two weeks with the BMW M5 CS. It wasn’t even as good as I expected; It was actually much better.

The story actually begins with the much better BMW M2 CS than expected. That impressive, funky little sports car was the first time I experienced a BMW with the CS designation. It was mysterious, and apparently interesting enough that a police officer pulled me over to talk around the car. He knew it was special, and he hadn’t driven one. There was a really connected, unfiltered magic about the M2 CS – something I hadn’t really experienced in an M car since my first rip in the 2013 BMW M3.

2022 BMW M5 CS Rear Exterior

Next came the M5 CS, and true to my expectations, the M5 swallowed them up and spit them back at me. It was the most powerful BMW ever when it made its debut, but more than that, it was also the most connected supersedan I’ve ever driven. I’ve been lucky enough to pedal more than a few, but the Audi RS6, Mercedes-AMG GT63 S, and Porsche Panamera Turbo S lack the CS’s raw, rough-boy attitude. It’s safe to say that the CS is what the M used to be, and BMW has set some pretty high standards with the recent CS cars.

But how can a sedan be so good? I explain Big, fast sedans often filter your inputs and make you feel like you’re controlling something covered in a thick layer of super glue. They should be comfortable, usable And Fast. The reason the M5 stood out was that it was, it says, “To hell with being comfortable”. BMW did not dare to venture near Audi, Mercedes and Porsche. There’s less sound deadening, the lifeless steering is reworked into a straight, natural-feeling rack, the suspension gets stiffer, and the feel of the isolation room interior is gone. You feel every rumble on the road and hear every whistle, whoosh and whoop coming from the engine bay, but it’s all the better for it.

2022 BMW M5 CS Interior Seats

The M5 CS respects your inputs as a driver and responds without slop or delay. The steering is direct and full of juicy feedback so you’re always confident in the front end. The transmission is quick and gives you total control over the monstrous 627-horsepower 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8. The brakes never seem to run out of bite. Yes, the ride is terrible, and, yes, the rock-hard bucket seats are absurd, and, yes, there seem to be a half a million ways to set the car up, thanks to all of its mods. But, in the end, who cares? Put everything in go-fast mode and then do it — over and over again.

The M5 CS gets you pushing, getting you racing, and then confidently enabling you to demolish any road or racetrack in no time. It makes hearts race, heads spin and hands shake in a way only $400,000 supercars are capable of. But the best part is that you can take the whole family with you. The M5 CS is my personal car of the year, and it will probably be on my mind for many years to come without rent.

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