Hyundai Elantra refresh preview in Korea reveals new exterior styling

Hyundai Elantra refresh preview in Korea reveals new exterior styling

Here’s an early preview of what the mid-cycle refresh will look like for the Hyundai Elantra. The vehicle you see here is named the Avante, which is called the Hyundai Elantra in Korea. Before any details of the US-specific Elantra were revealed, Hyundai went ahead and revealed the refreshed Avante.

Revealed today exclusively is a design preview. Hyundai dropped some photos but didn’t provide any information or details about the mid-cycle changes. The most obvious difference is a new front fascia. Hyundai designed a new grille that is significantly smaller than before, but considering the existing grille occupied most of the front end, there weren’t many options to make it bigger. The area below the grille has been redesigned with a slotted vent look, and it also gets new lower bumper side air intake inserts. To top it all, the new headlights get re-styled daytime running lights, which emphasize the wide, horizontal design language used by Hyundai.

Hyundai also redesigned the rear bumper, adding a lot of black contrast paint to the equation and reshaping it to look far sportier than before. A faux diffuser has also been placed in the lower rear bumper to add some gusto. The silver stripe that runs all the way across the black colored area really emphasizes the width of the car, a theme seen both at the front and rear.

The single picture provided by Hyundai doesn’t show any obvious interior changes, but we can expect minor tech updates and more feature details at the US Elantra launch. Since there is no additional information, we do not know what kind of powertrain updates could be in the plans for the Elantra. It is likely that Hyundai will take the powertrain for a mid-cycle refresh, but these details will have to wait for later. Check back soon for more details now that the refreshed design is available for all to see.

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