The Toyota GR Supra will reportedly live on as an electric sports car in the next generation

The Toyota GR Supra will reportedly live on as an electric sports car in the next generation

Reports from Japan say that the current, fifth generation Supra will not be the last. However, it may be the last with an internal combustion engine. The Grapevine whispers claim that a next-gen GR Supra will take the nameplate as an electric sports car. But before that happens, an even more hard core performance version could be built to send the gasoline engine off with a bang.

both rumors come from japan best car magazine. They say the ultimate ICE Supra could have 542 horsepower, which would be a significant step up from the current 382 for the 3.0-liter turbo six. This works with the same engine output in the BMW M3 CS and M4 CSL.

Instead of the GR Supra name, it may wear the GRMN prefix, which stands for “Gazu Racing, Tuned by the Meister of the Nürburgring” and is reserved only for the hottest GR models. The name is a tribute to longtime Toyota chief test driver Hiromu Naruse, who died off circuit while testing the Lexus LFA. This Supra Supra, if you will, is expected to be the last model on the A90 chassis, according to best carWhose production will end in 2025.

After that, the sixth-gen Supra will go electric. This was indicated by chief engineer Tetsuya Tada in early 2019, but best car Now gives more details. The magazine says the so-called A100 will be rear-wheel drive and have power output equivalent to around 444 to 493 horsepower. The e-Supra will also adopt the pseudo-manual transmission that Toyota is developing for EVs, which mimics the feel of a conventional standard gearbox. Perhaps most surprisingly, they say the 2-seater will take the form of a mid-engined sports car, as the EV platform will allow for design freedom.

If this is true then it will be good news for enthusiasts. A swan song ICE blast is always interesting, and the industry needs a good affordable EV sports car option. Hope this roadmap will be successful.

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