Cheapest Electric Cars – Cheapest EVs for 2023

Cheapest Electric Cars – Cheapest EVs for 2023

Fuel Cost: Electric Car vs. Gas Car

Comparing the cost of gasoline to power a regular car versus the cost of electricity needed to power an electric car is still an arcane science with many variables. For example, overnight home charging allows you to charge during off-peak hours, reducing your costs. If you charge during the day, you’ll see those rates jump. If you frequently charge at work or at an outdoor charging station, you’ll need an account with one of a growing number of electricity providers. Generally speaking, electricity costs less than gasoline and its price is more stable. But there’s a learning curve to understanding when it’s cheapest to tap into the grid to top up your EV.

Fully electric car vs plug-in hybrid

Electric cars are just that: cars powered by electricity stored in a battery pack. Plug-in hybrids, on the other hand, use a regular gasoline engine paired with a battery pack and electric motor. The battery pack can be recharged from an electrical outlet or charging station, but it can also store energy recovered during braking. Typically on a plug-in the battery pack runs out of power within 20-40 miles, at which point the gas engine kicks in, so you don’t have to worry about running out of juice. Full EVs require more thought, route planning and developed knowledge of the location of charging stations. (Most onboard navigation systems can help locate and approximate stations in unfamiliar areas.)

next steps

For many buyers, an electric car makes perfect sense. Even drivers with average commutes can often go an entire week on a single charge. Electric cars provide a cleaner commuting option and are usually eligible to use HOV lanes with a single driver. And today’s electric cars range from mainstream compact pickups to luxury-grade sport and comfort vehicles, so there’s something for every budget. For drivers who aren’t quite ready to go completely electric, plug-in hybrids are an excellent alternative. When you’re ready to explore the world of plug-in and electric cars, Edmonds can help you research EVs and find great deals in your area.

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