Car buying myths and misconceptions

Car buying myths and misconceptions

Of course, you still need to inform. Edmunds has tools and features including up-front, guaranteed pricing through Price PromiseSM and True Market Value (TMV)) that make car buying easier and more transparent than ever before. Also remember that your needs are very close to the seller’s goals. You want a car and the salesman wants to sell you one. Find a comfortable middle ground and you’ll both be happy.

Here, then, is a collection of car-buying myths and dusty old tips you should dump:

1. Buy a car on a rainy day. The idea is that no one will be on the car due to inclement weather and the dealer will be desperate to move the metal. One problem: Too many people have heard this advice, which means the dealership is both wet And crowded. We recently passed by a car salesman when the two of us were standing in the rain. “Actually we’re really busy on rainy days,” he said. “Everyone thinks it’s going to be empty.”

Another variation of this myth is to visit the dealership just before closing. Then, supposedly the salespeople will agree to a lower price because they want to go home. In fact, they will work long before closing time to finalize the deal. Here are some real good times to buy a car.

2. Hide the trade-in until you’ve settled on a price for the new car. Then spring it on the vendor. Do you really think the seller hasn’t heard of this strategy before? And do you really think this will get you a better price? this does not work.

The best strategy is to split the deal. Know the value of your trade-in to get the true value of TMV and get as close as possible. If you don’t like the offer for your trade-in, pursue other trade-in options.

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