100 Tips for New Car Buyers

100 Tips for New Car Buyers

47. When inspecting a car before a test-drive, check the window stickers for equipment fitted on the car. Some options, especially security features, may not be obvious and yet are very important.

48. Look for any supplemental stickers on the car listing dealer-installed options, such as custom rims, wheel locks or door guards. These can complicate negotiations and increase the price.

49. Don’t test drive a car in rain or snow if you can help it. You won’t get a true feel for how the car drives under most conditions.

50. Test drive with respect. No burnout.

51. Young buyers may face resistance when asked to test drive an expensive car. Don’t take offense at questions about employment or ability to finance a car, as long as they’re polite and appropriate.

when you’re ready to buy

52. If you would like an expert to help with financing or an in-depth explanation of a car system, contact the dealership manager first and ask to be assigned to work with that expert.

53. Between credit checks, negotiations, and getting cars out of inventory for test-drives, buying a car takes longer than buying other products. Bring a book and a snack.

54. If you’re shopping in person without much preparation, a quick way to get the best price is to ask a salesperson from the Internet department. They are used to steer price discussions.

55. If possible, shop during the week, especially if you are looking to save time. It will probably be faster to complete the sales process on a slow Tuesday than on a busy Saturday.

56. To expedite the purchase process, bring key papers with you to the dealership, including payment for your trade-in vehicle, driver’s license, title and proof of current registration and insurance.

57. Treat negotiation as a friendly game – and know that car salesmen are doing the same.

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