Toyota will continue to offer the GR Corolla Circuit Edition in 2024

Toyota will continue to offer the GR Corolla Circuit Edition in 2024

The Toyota GR Corolla is nearly unobtainable as demand far exceeds supply, and customers are left to negotiate markups with dealers and scalpers. This is bad news. The good news is that Toyota plans to extend the already limited Circuit Edition beyond the first model year. It will also increase production volumes to help meet the extreme demand.

Toyota begins selling the GR Corolla Core in late 2022, but the Circuit Edition isn’t scheduled until spring 2023, and the ultra-exclusive Morizzo Edition won’t land until winter. The Circuit Edition was initially intended to be a first-year model only, but Toyota said demand was strong and noted that it would remain part of the lineup into 2024. Given the unique configuration and exclusivity of the Morizo ​​variant, it is unlikely to see similar detail.

The Circuit Edition builds on the base Core Edition with a unique hood, a mesh carbon roof, a rear spoiler and front/rear Torsen limited-slip differentials. Suede and synthetic leather seats, heated front seats and steering wheel, a JBL stereo and leather-wrapped shift knob are also standard. All cars come with turbocharged three-cylinder engines, six-speed manual transmissions and rally-bred all-wheel drive. Although small, the 1.6-liter three is mighty, producing 300 horsepower and 273 pound-feet of torque.

This is all good news for hopeful buyers, but we are still not talking about massive supply numbers for any of the GR Corolla variants. Toyota said just 1,500 Circuit Edition models will be available for 2023, so an increase in such a small number will be a positive step, but not the savior many are seeking. The automaker only launched a few thousand cars in the US and even fewer for other countries, though, so any movement is good.

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