The Dodge Charger Daytona EV’s Fratsonic Exhaust Gets Updated—Here’s A Sound Check

The Dodge Charger Daytona EV’s Fratsonic Exhaust Gets Updated—Here’s A Sound Check

Dodge introduced the Charger Daytona Banshee concept about six months ago, showing the world what an electric muscle could look like. When the coupe emerged for a slow drive-by in front of a live audience, the driver pressed the throttle pedal a few times to defy the Fratzonic Chamber exhaust system, designed to restore some soul to the EV powertrain. We stand 100% behind SRT’s commitment to rescuing ICE sounds from EV oblivion; More than half the thrill of any outing for cars and coffee is the noise. But that first noise—like every first draft—wasn’t there at all, too heavy on the power, too light on the motor. Dodge tuners reworked the mix and debuted a new Fratsonic sound in the Concept & Technology garage at the Chicago Auto Show. As the video above demonstrates, the second draft is much better, with more low-end and more rumble.

As a reminder, the Fratzonic exhaust is not only an outdoor speaker system, it is similar to a pipe organ using air channeled through tuned chambers to produce noise. The final sound is a combination of information such as throttle position and speed. It’s also louder, with volumes up to 126 decibels, similar to the Hellcat’s exhaust.

With the production version not due to debut until 2024, we imagine there are more modifications in store. Nor will Dodge be alone in considering how to add life to an electric powertrain. Lamborghini has already applied to trademark the electric sound clip for its upcoming hybrid V12 powertrain, and it would be emotive to see Ferrari try to patent a system for its upcoming electric cars.

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