• fall2013feature

    Issue #10

    Thursday, October 17, 2013

    We’re proud to introduce Issue #10 of Solo. H2Oi 2012 is featured on our cover while Euro Hangar, an awesome Opel and one of/the* lowest C30 in the colonies are covered inside. Take a look. Mobile and OG versions! Like it? Soon you can order the paper version!

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  • eurohangar

    Euro Hangar 2013

    Tuesday, September 24, 2013

    One of our favorite new shows is getting even bigger. A success in its first year, Euro Hangar grows by strides in its second. And it isn’t showing any signs of letting up.

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  • dropped

    Dropped Acid

    Thursday, September 12, 2013

    When it comes to automotive tinkering, our friends in Belgium go all out. Shane’s Opel Corsa is a testament to that. Practically everything in this metallic green hatch has been either coated, wrapped or replaced. Read on… Mobile And OG Versions Here

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  • Photo Apr 22, 9 49 40 AM

    Friends in Low Places

    Monday, April 22, 2013

    Sometimes a car that you “will swear to never turn a wrench on” takes a bite from the modification bug. We can completely relate. Take a look at Ian MacLeod’s 2008 Volvo C30 out of Texas that sets the bar to a new low. Mobile and OG versions here!

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  • fcfdog

    First Class Fitment

    Friday, December 7, 2012

    Hanging around a parking lot looking at cars, to the uninitiated, seems odd enough. Paying for the privilege to do such a thing, seems a little…off. Do all the aforementioned at an airport in New Jersey and things transcend the word “confusing.” But that’s just what we did to experience Canibeat.com’s show called “First Class […]

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  • h2oifi

    H2Oi 2012

    Friday, October 19, 2012

    For our first installment in Issue #10 of Solo, we head out to Ocean City, Maryland for what may be the stateside event of the year, H2O international. Each year, the last weekend of September H2Oi show goers take over the city. A sensory overload for enthusiasts occurs, and there is no escaping it within […]

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  • fall2012feature

    Issue 9 – Fall 2012 Issue

    Friday, October 5, 2012

    In issue #9 we cover do-it-yourselfing across the spectrum. Ryan Bauer’s family-grown Datsun 510 out of California is featured on the cover with a very form meets function JDM style. Inside, David Godfrey’s impressive “DIY” built Merkur XR4Ti is detailed. The level of fabrication and ingenuity will make your head spin. And, of course, a […]

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  • xr4tidogear

    Engineered To Perfection

    Friday, September 7, 2012

    Recently, we’ve been on a do-it-yourself kick. We’ve been inspired by projects we’ve seen both online and with our friends. And we’ve been lucky enough to have two recent features that have taken the DIY mantra to amazing  levels. Ryan Bauer’s Datsun 510 is a feast of retro Japanese goodness, and this feature, David Godfrey’s […]

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  • 510fi

    Vintage Pas510n

    Friday, August 24, 2012

    Ryan and Leslie Bauer have spent the last five years building their 1969 Datsun 510. What started as a humble little weekend tinkering project has turned into a 300hp, retro-modded beast. Read all about it in this installment to Issue #9 Mobile and OG versions here! Full Gallery

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  • vffeatureimage

    VAG Fair ’12

    Friday, August 17, 2012

    One of the biggest VW/Audi catering shows on the east coast was held August 12, but this year with a twist; VAG Fair was a two day event. With a few more changes VAG Fair broke us from the doldrums of car shows. Mobile and OG versions here! Full Gallery  

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Online Exclusive


Wekfest Texas – 2013

The Texas version of Wekfest happened in Houston this year and I was able to cruise down to check it out. This year’s Wekfest had a few similarities to last year’s event which was held in Austin and a couple of differences that makes these shows fun to attend. Unfortunately, the show ended up opening […]

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Wagon Wed Feature: The Lowpro Avant.

Each Wednesday we try to honor Wagons of all makes and colors on our Facebook page. With such success and great feedback, we decided to start featuring some of our favorites grocery getters that we encounter. So, with that said we’ll start with one of our favorite recipes. An ultra rare ultra unique base with […]

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Damaged Goods: A story of a saturated feature shoot.

When starting off for a photoshoot you always pray for three things: a good sky, no rain and minimal humidity. Sometimes you get your wishes, but sometimes you don’t.  In this particular case, during a shoot with Casey’s Focus SVT, “I didn’t”. We carefully organized three feature shoots back-to-back at three locations that would cater to each car’s […]

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Euro Tripper 2

Raf Carrera and company over at Squeaky Thinger Productions left the doldrums of the New Jersey Winter for a much more pleasant time in Florida.  We present to you coverage of EuroTripper 2. EuroTripper 2 – 2014 from squeakythinger on Vimeo.


The New (New) Volkswagen Beetle Gets Even More Funky

Remember this bad little bug from the 2000 L.A. Auto Show? We certainly do. We were then still, and perhaps now slightly, captivated by the New Beetle’s retro panache and quirky personality. It’s always interesting to see cars that “take guts” to put out on the market, and the New Beetle was a perfect example. […]


-10° Outside? Time to warm that heart up.

It’s down right bone chilling outside Solo Towers. With wind chill we’re hitting negative temps, easily. And after a good snow shoveling sesh it takes nearly a pot of coffee to warm up, finally. Or giving this video a gander should do it. This video is a dream of any car guy, to both be the receiver and the giver. […]


Michael Schumacher Sustained “Relatively Serious” Head Injury.

Formula One champion Michael Schumacher was hospitalized with a head injury today, Sunday, after a skiing accident in the French Alps, French authorities and his manager said. Early reports, specifically by French radio station RMC claim the 44 year old F1 icon Schumacher to be in critical condition. Other reports claim Schumacher’s injuries not to […]


Christmas came late…

Your gift? (Nearly) 8 min and 43 seconds of vintage racing bliss, with a dash of jealousy. Motorhead magazine teams up with Maiham-Media.com to give you a glimpse into the life of three young at heart car maniacs that own three extremely unique Le Mans’ cars, the Mazda 767B, a Jaguar XJ220LM and the already […]


(Functioning) Lego Car

You’ll be hard pressed to find as big of a Lego advocate as myself. Legos are what cultivated my mechanical interested mind and their larger cousin, a toy called pipe works, are responsible for my “built not bought” passion. With all this love, for modular plastic bricks I’ve never come close to accomplishing this amazing […]